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Finally figured out that I could upload photos directly from my phone via a USB connection to the computer.  With the internet solution still not available, this works.  See below:

Here’s a pic of some of us after dinner at Wagner.  Meat and apple wine.  I had wine spritzers.  Big surprise.  From L to R, me, Anne, Alberto, Lucy, and Coach Robert.

A view of the river Main looking towards the Ironman village and T2.

A view of Frankfurt with friends in the foreground.

A pic of me.  No real explanation of this expression.

On our way to the practice swim.  From L to R, Grazi, Alberto, and Anne.

Getting some last minute advice from Coach in advance of the practice swim.  From L to R, Anne, Grazi, Gunnar, Coach Robert, Lucy, and Alberto.

Gunnar took this picture of me in the old part of Frankfurt.  Compelling him to get the full statue in the picture was an impossibility.

At the pre-race briefing and pasta dinner.  Here, the particulars of this race were explained by the two guys on the left.  The guy on the right was the head referee and though this picture doesn’t do it justice, he was somewhat imposing not because of what he said, but with the way in which he conveyed his advice… complete with thick German accent.  “We will deal with you if you do not comply with our directions.”

My race bags, race number, and a partial view of my bike.  My gear is ready to go, and so am I.  Tonight is the night of sleep that really matters since it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get any sleep on Saturday night.  This is going to be amazing!

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