NYC Tri is just a few days away

Posted by on July 9, 2013 in Training

On Sunday, I will be racing in my 9th NYC Triathlon.  This race was first held in 2001 and it was, by most accounts, a very tough day for the race organizers since they didn’t properly gauge the power that the Hudson River’s currents would have that day, and the effects on the swimmers.  There were handfuls of swimmers who overshot the exit point and who simply couldn’t fight the current to make it back without help from kayak volunteers.

In later years, they solved all of those problems and the race has grown from a new mini-marquis type of race of 800 people to over 4,000.  My first entry was in 2002 (my 2nd year in the sport) and I missed the years 2005, 2008, and 2011 as each of those years were Ironman years for me.  I had hoped on another Ironman year in 2014 (in concert with the every-three-years theme), but it’s likely not to happen, so I will shoot again to do this NYC Tri… but it will be my last for a while.

With the growth in popularity of the sport and this race venue itself, things have gotten a little out of control.  There are so many competitors on the course at the same time that it can become both daunting and dangerous.  The bike segment is probably the most treacherous as many fast folks are looking to take advantage of what the course has to offer, but there are many first-timers out there who don’t quite know or abide by some of the basic safety rules, e.g. staying to the right except to pass.

For my part, I’m expecting a pretty rough day.  Normally, I’m the voice of positivity and optimism, but I’d be remiss to be blind to some empirical realities… like the fact that every race I’ve done in super hot/humid conditions has destroyed my ability to get any power on the run, and that my legs are tired from an already-long season of training.  I’ve considered everything and have actively sought to reduce my training volume and focus on recovery after my training sessions.  What I’ve found is a) my swim leg is virtually the same as always; VERY average; b) my cycling legs are peaking right now; I feel fast and feel like I have endless power; c) my run legs are crap.  They feel fatigued often; my knees don’t raise very high; my stride length is short; I’m building up lactic acid quickly; I can’t breathe in a normal athletic range.

I just got a physical and all of my numbers were really, really good.  My weight is hovering at an acceptable level, but higher than I’d like.  My attitude is good; I’m feeling mentally strong, but admittedly disappointed at how poorly training has been on the run with this latest spate of hot/humid conditions.  And I don’t have any injuries.  Finally, I am excited about this race.  It’s fun to race in my hometown, and I love that the finish line is at the bandshell in Central Park, the very meeting spot for my triathlon team for many of our workouts.

It’s a great event to spectate and race, and I always feel honored to be able to participate.  I’ll definitely celebrate this Sunday after I cross this finish line for the 9th time, and for the 106th career time.  Pics to follow in the next post.

P.S.  This will be my first race with my new kit (uniform).  I am now a sponsored athlete thanks to my employer, MagnaCare.  Will be fun to represent the company and sport my favorite color blue!

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