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It’s been quite some time since I posted on this blog, though I have referred friends and colleagues to it over the past couple of years with some level of embarrassment for not being more conscientious.  Perhaps that’s a good sign of having other fun things to focus upon.

So, regarding the title of this post… a little backstory is needed.

I used to work for MagnaCare, a regional management company that helped different types of clients manage their health benefit plans.  I loved most of my experience there and wanted take my pride of them to the next level by representing them as a sponsored athlete.  So, I presented the idea and they were on board.  I proudly wore that MagnaCare kit in triathlons, in running events, while training on the bike, etc.

In December of 2015, amid some restructuring following a few company setbacks, we parted ways.  It was bittersweet as it not only represented a goodbye to some pretty good successes there, but also the end of this athletic sponsorship.  As with most things in my life, I chose to look at what was next… professionally, personally, athletically, etc.  “This is an opportunity,” a voice in my head kept telling me.

I met the CEO of CityMD through the course of my work and instantly liked him.  Dr. Richard Park is impressive in every way that I find valuable; he’s immensely intelligent, he is humble despite his enormous successes, he has instilled a culture of positivity and kindness within his organization, he is generous, he is an amazing father, and he’s simply a very nice guy.  I like what CityMD is doing in the local marketplace, and I like that they have plans to scale this business to other markets.  I have had many friends relay their positive experiences from visiting a CityMD location, and I too am a patient with a very positive experience.  It occurred to me that I would love to represent them in multisport activities since they are a health care company, doing great things, and supported by kind, positive people.

So, it is with this announcement (with a soft “announcement” of sorts via Facebook a couple of weeks ago) that I share that CityMD is indeed my partner in the 2016 multisport season.  I am immensely proud of this partnership and hope to represent them well.  A new race kit is being produced now by Champion Systems and should be ready in 3-4 weeks.  But, I did want to still show the love to CityMD and wore a red golf shirt in the NYC Half Marathon two weeks ago.  I looked ridiculous (one might say pregnant), but I was all smiles.  A week later, in the NYRR Spring Classic 10k, I opted not to wear the golf shirt, but took a quick shot of the shirt with my running shoes and race number after the fact.  This past weekend, I competed at the South Beach Triathlon and wore a generic blue and white triathlon kit.  I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t have CityMD get the personal recognition from friends, family, and others given my fastest bike split ever in an Olympic distance event, but later this season, everyone who sees me in training and in the large number of races on my calendar will see the blue and red CityMD kit.  I’m so excited!

See the 2016 Race Calendar page for a listing of races this year.  I’ll also get some new pics uploaded soon.

Please visit a CityMD location for a variety of your health care needs.  See below:


Urgent Care for Injuries and Illnesses

Life’s little emergencies are what our walk in clinics are for.  You cut your hand slicing vegetables.  We’ll stitch it up and get you back in the kitchen to finish that special birthday meal. You twisted your ankle while training for a half-marathon.  We’ll wrap it so it heals and you can still go for a personal best. You’ve got a cough and you’re worried you’ll lose your voice before that big presentation.  We’ll choose the most effective medicine so that you can focus on getting your speech just the way you want it. Your daughter eats a brownie and breaks out in hives.  We’ll stop the reaction, and order tests to find out what she might be allergic to, so that you have what you need to keep your child safe.


CityMD’s Walk In Promise


At CityMD urgent care, we care about your health—and we care about your priorities.  Our staff—from our front desk to our physicians—will treat you quickly and efficiently while taking the time to listen to you.  CityMD doctors, medical assistants and technicians are trained in all aspects of urgent care medicine for both adults and children.

We’ll never rush you—and we’ll never make you wait.

For immediate, fast, and comprehensive care, just walk in one of our urgent care clinics today!  You may also register online to expedite your wait time, or call us at 212-772-3627 with any questions.

If you are experiencing significant chest pain, rectal bleeding, or are losing consciousness, your condition may be life threatening and you should call 911.


Some of the Urgent Care Injuries and Illnesses We Treat




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