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Posted by on March 26, 2010 in Training

If I didn’t post so infrequently, they’d be considerably shorter.  No one has really complained about the length; frankly, I’d surprised if anyone actually read the full posts.  Makes me wonder if this is just an on-line diary but then again, what is a blog supposed to be anyway?

All that aside, I feel good about getting into a good routine.  Post race weekend, I only took Monday off and got a massage.  On Tuesday, I got back onto the bike as I joined the Terrier Tri team for our regular Tuesday night indoor cycling session.  We did a bit of climbing which I seem to particularly enjoy.  I like being out of the saddle and ideally, I’d like to convert to being more of a climber.  With the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon looming, and with my oldest friend Jeff scaring me with stories of the hills, I’m eager to do whatever it takes to take them on successfully.  That’ll mean a fair amount of time riding the Alpine, NJ hill along River Road.  I figure that I’ll need to ride that route a lot and get to the point where I can ascend it 2-3 times in a session.  I suppose I should get up to Bear Mountain, but we’ll see how/when I can fit that in.  Alcatraz is on May 2nd, so as of this writing, it’s only 5 weeks away.  Yikes, that is soon!

The rest of this week has been good; I’m not doing a lot of heavy loading on the muscles given the March Madness Biathlon this Sunday.  It’s only a 2 mile run (actually, they always mis-measure it, and I usually clock it at 2.2 miles), 2 loops on the bike around Central Park (12.2 miles) and the same run course again.  I’ve been as fast as 70 minutes and as slow as 79 minutes, with two of my slowest performances occurring the last two years.  I did a quick 2 loop spin of Central Park last night and had generally had some good results, so I’m optimistic.  The set-up of my triathlon bike is really great these days, and I feel comfortable and fast.

What I haven’t done enough of is swimming.  It’s as if I’ve thrown it away.  I did swim today, but worked exclusively on form and technique.  As such, I didn’t cover a lot of distance, and I know that I’ll need to moving forward.  As I thought about things in the shower afterwards, I made a vow that I’d change things and get back to my focus in the water.  I’ll start on Monday and put in a solid 3-4 sessions per week.  I refuse to let this weigh me down and keep me from getting PRs in races.

So that’s it for now.  I’ll write a race recap on Sunday night.  Hopefully I’ll have good news to report.  It’ll be my fourth race in 14 days, and with just a 10k and a biathlon in April, I’ll be able to get back to focused training.  Bring on the hills!

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